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The serenity and calm found underneath Spaghetti Junction feel at odds with the continuous, thundering traffic overhead. These drawings aim to capture both the solitude and stillness but also the scale and immensity of human engineering. The fluidity of charcoal allows me to render this sense of power but also to describe surface texture. 


Miles of towpaths run vertically parallel with the twisting concrete of Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction. I sit admiring the towering concrete, accompanied by the ducks drifting along the canal. The roads seem endless and I feel isolated in the vastness of it all. 

About Stuart Jarvis

Stuart is an experienced artist and fascinated with the built environment both in the landscape and industrial architecture.

His commission allows him to develop work that complements the clients' wishes yet retains his personal visual language.

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Take a look at some of Stuart Jarvis' latest commissioned artwork around the world.  Learn when, where, why each piece was crafted and who they were ultimately delivered to.

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