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Take a look at some of Stuart Jarvis' latest commissioned artwork around the world. Learn when, where, and why each piece was crafted and who they were ultimately delivered to. 


Browse the overview below, and click on a commission for more info

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Stuart has worked together with art consultants, fine art collectors & retail designers on bespoke commissions for individuals of anything from a local street, products for a consumer goods company, a special place of importance, or even a decommissioned power station.

If you are interested in enquiring about a possible commission then please send me an email on: 

I will be happy to discuss price estimates, discuss the potential project with you & framing options.

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Peter Smith Associates Architects


Peter Smith Associates Architects reinvent disused and abandoned property by discovering the origins of its use. Through carefully considered design Peter Smith uncovers a narrative beautifully blending new materials and processes with original features. Stuart has been thrilled to form a small part of the new chapter of their ongoing success

Uppingham Dental Practice

In 2023, Stuart received a commission from a retiree of the Uppingham Dental practice who has held long ownership after being let out to a new dental practitioners.

Burton Upon Trent

A gritty north Midlands town Burton came to dominate the brewing trade, and at its height one quarter of all beer sold in Britain was produced here. The commission was to embrace the spirit of the town and at its heart the brewery, to capture the towering silos and endless pipework. Crossing multiple decades I decided to form a pastiche of viewpoints and to help immortalise the town's industrial heritage.


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The burning house triptych

The brief was to develop a series of drawings that conveyed a highly individualised scene with a surreal and dramatic narrative. The charcoal drawings are curated as a stretched panorama depicting a burning house and car flipping from a freeway.

Testimonial from the collector in New York City:

“The drawings are wonderful—I love them, and I'm so happy we did this. I really appreciate the care you took in the process. I've never gone through a creative process like this one, and it's rewarding in the making, in the work that resulted, and in a new working relationship that perhaps will outlive this first project.”

Brixton Streets

The brief was to develop a pair of paintings that communicated a sense of place from directly the streets of Brixton. Each work is painted in oil with the addition of photo collage.


Testimonial from the UK collector:
Stuart traveled with me for a day and we visited all the places I thought would work and suggested some ideas that we might like. I then left him with it and a month or so later Stuart delivered two fabulous collage paintings which now have pride of place in our home. Stuart’s art is instantly recognisable, he has his own style which we love, he is great to deal with and we would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

103 Colemore Row

As a gift for her father this client wanted to commission an artist to create a drawing of one of Birmingham’s largest and newest architectural acquisitions 103 Colmore Row. Her father worked as part of the architectural team to realise this ambitious project that towers over the ever-developing cityscape. It was of particular interest to me given that building was in my home city.

Testimonial from the UK collector:

"Having been inspired by Stuart’s work on Sky Arts' Landscape Artist of the Year, I commissioned Stuart to create something special for my father. Stuart expertly brought to life this new building in Birmingham, being developed by my father. And with respect to the history surrounding it, and the energy and rawness of the city. We were blown away by this drawing, perfectly on brief. And beyond his talent, Stuart is an absolute pleasure to work with and went above and beyond for us on this piece. We’re so thankful for the piece and to now know him"

The Magnum Collection

To develop a series of drawings that express the enjoyment of Magnum Ice cream in an urban setting.


As a resident of Battersea the collector wanted to commission me to draw the power station in mid-construction situated as part of the wider landscape. It was such a welcome return for me to a site I've enjoyed painting and drawing from for years. I always find my work lends itself to this type of setting - a state of transition. In this case, one of the chimneys had been demolished only for a perfect replica to go in as a replacement.

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